lesmis "Went to see Les Miserables by Children's Theatre Of Mason, Inc. (CTM) and it was EPIC! A school age production of this show had me skeptical because, after having seen it twice by a Broadway touring company, seeing the 10th Anniversary video many times (love Lea Solanga as Eponine!), the 25th Anniversary video, and the movie, I assumed that high school kids could not generate the power and emotions the vocals demand for this show. I was wrong. Dead wrong! These kids were spectacular! It was right up there with any Broadway level show I have seen!
Brandon Cole, a senior at William Mason High School, was incredible as Jean Valjean, with a power and presence and a voice very few people his age can claim. Maddi Kilgore, a senior at Kings HS, as Eponine was heartbreakingly amazing! Dane Doebereiner, only a sophomore at Kings HS, was an outstanding Javert! There were so many incredibly talented people in this production that I cannot do it justice.
An amazing performance by an amazing cast. If you can, go see it tomorrow!"

"I had the pleasure of attending the 5/12 performance of The Little Mermaid and would like to provide some feedback. This performance was one of the most impressive that I have attended in recent years. Every facet, choreography, vocals, sound reinforcement, costumes, special effects and dramatic presence were virtually flawless. Even the curtain call was done with precision."

"I am a CCM graduate and will retire in 2 weeks after 35 years of teaching vocal and instrumental music at the grade/middle school level. I work with many gifted musicians and groom them for The School for Creative and Performing Arts, but the children featured in this CTM production were definitely a step above many that I've had the opportunity to work with." mermaid

"My performing groups complain that I am never satisfied with a rehearsal and I reply that music is never 'perfect', it must always be tweaked and improved; a good music teacher/coach is always looking for any kind of improvement. I am very critical when attending any show outside of our school and I simply could find very little room for polish on Sunday."

"This show almost had me changing my mind about leaving this wonderful profession! Your staff and performers are to be commended and congratulations."

"CTM was my first experience being on stage and behind the scenes. From my start in the original 'Twelve Dancing Princesses' to my last performance (Peter Pan) before heading off to college, I was in a place where I could have fun, make life long friends, and entertain others. Even when I wasn't cast in a show, I learned so much from the people around me. I ran lights for a few productions and that's what really inspired me to follow my current career path as a Lighting Designer. Working with professional equipment really gave me an edge in college as I was building off what I had already learned from being a CTM kid.
To those who helped mold me in CTM, thank you for being the foundation to my life's career."